Train Them Up: A Christian Parent’s Guide To Balancing Sports and Faith

Drawing upon his experiences from 20 years of ministering to families in several different capacities, Martin Winslow shares wise counsel and practical tips for how busy parents can effectively disciple their children while they participate in sports. This book also explores the different approaches Christian families have when it comes to participation on the Lord’s Day. Train Them Up, provides practical tips for families to consider when joining a sports league, reminders about the statistical probabilities of their child becoming a professional athlete, and the necessity of finding the spiritual lessons in sports participation. Train Them Up reminds parents that the ultimate goal they should have for their children is a living, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.

New Testament 260: A one-year New Testament reading plan and navigation tool

This is a one year New Testament bible reading program. Take away weekends and you have 260 days in a solar year. This is the exact number of New Testament chapters! Read through the New Testament and learn a paraphrase (an important fact) from every single chapter! When memorized it helps a person navigate the New Testament with fluidity. Also, learn a key verse for every week, along with a fun fact and prayer for the week.

Parenting Tips for the Christian Home

Parenting Tips for the Christian Home challenges families to take a hard look at their discipleship methods used in the home. With practical tools from conversion to college, this book helps families to be faithful to their biblical calling to bring a child up in the way he should go.

All profits in the selling of these books go to support the ministry of Bethlehem Christian Academy.